Friday, January 25, 2008

Muslim to Christian (Haytham - Lebanon)

I was born to a nominal Druze home in Lebanon. The Druze who prefer to be called El-Mowahideen, believers in one God, are an Islamic sect that began to spread during the Fatimid empire (988 AD) ruled by Imam Al-Hakim B'Amr-Allah. Al-Tawhid (Unitarianism) believes in Re-incarnation, the Ancientness of the world, and the incarnation of God in man's image. Reincarnation is believed to be God's provision for a soul to live many different lives in order to give that soul a fair chance before judgement day.

I personally did not experience reincarnation and I do not know anyone who may have. Although I was not raised in the Druze faith, I was taught the Druze morals and values that are very similar to the Judeo-Christian values. As an ordinary member (Jahill), I had simple knowledge of my religion's faith and practices. I was still very interested in learning about life, death, God, and spirituality. Despite my many attempts to understand God in the Tawhid faith, I came out empty handed. There was always emptiness inside of me. Unfortunately, my experience of the civil war pushed me away from religion and God. I was actually bitter toward God for "causing" such destruction and killing, so I decided to rely on my strength, intelligence, education, etc.

I moved to the United States to continue my education. Immediately, I got swept by the "rock-n-roll" wave and all the "fun" things that came with it. I eventually ended up doing what felt good including drinking alcohol, using drugs, and sex to fill the void. All those experiences gave me pleasure that was short lived. I became very interested in the self-help movement. I started on a quest to find the "God within". I attended seminars and was eager to hear any wise man that claimed to have the answers to life's questions. I heard many men, attended many seminars, and read many books, but I was still hungry for the truth.

One day I received an invitation in the mail to listen to an evangelist who was coming to town. When I mentioned that to one of my Christian friends, my friend encouraged me to go and offered to go with me. In the meeting this man of God asked several questions that got me thinking. "If you die today, do you know where you would go: heaven or hell?" He made many claims about Jesus that piqued my curiosity. "Jesus has removed the barrier between man and God." "If you want to end the separation between you and God's family, receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior." At the end of the meeting when the invitation was made to ask questions, I stepped forward. That was the beginning of my personal relationship with the God of the universe. Today I believe that I will live with God and His people for eternity because I have accepted God's sacrifice instead of my own. I could not have worked enough or given God enough for my salvation if I had lived hundreds of lives over. I have been forgiven through the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My life has been completely transformed. My peace with God is established on His forgiveness of my sin. I have peace with others as a result of His empowering me to forgive. I have peace within me because God's Spirit abides. God has restored my hope in life when He gave me the gift of faith and the treasure of His scriptures. I no longer depend on other people's acceptance; God's love for me is unconditional and endures forever.

My friend - give your life over to Jesus and believe on Him. God's family is eagerly awaiting you.



Anonymous said...

Love and grace from our heavenly Father,and love and grace from our Lord Jesus Christ our with you..

Thank for God who had choosen us became His people.He gave us His holines,His righteousness,His live in our Lord Jesus we have eternal life in His kingdom forever and ever...amien.

All honour..all golry..all power...just only unto The Lamb Of God..Jesus Christ for the Glory of God Father..
(Ev.Ir.Orlando Ginting)

Ev. Ir. Orlando Ginting said...

Saya juga mendapat hikmat dan intuisi dari Tuhan bahwasannya Martin Luther itu adalah seorang pengajar sesat ( anti Kristus/Nabi Palsu) yang sangat anti Yahudi/anti-Semit/Anti Israel. Dulunya saya juga tidak tahu bahwa Martin Luther ternyata adalah kaki tangan setan yang melayani Yesus yang lain,injil yang yang lain dan roh yang lain,bukan Tuhan Yesus Raja Orang Yahudi (Tuhan Yesus Yang di Alkitab). Saya diajarkan melalui persekutuan pendalaman iman/sekolah Alkitab bahwa Martin Luther adalah seorang Reformator Gereja yang dipakai Tuhan,sehingga tanpa saya sadari saya juga telah masuk dalam perangkap penipuan dan penyesatan iblis karena telah mengagumi tulisan Luther. Tetapi setelah saya mempelajari Alkitab dan sejarah gereja serta buku yang ditulis Luther,banyak yang menyimpang dan khususnya buku yang dia tulis sebelum dia meninggal yaitu : “The Jews and their Lies”.Akibatnya saya sadar dan meminta ampun sama Tuhan karena telah sadar bahwa saya sedang mempromosikan pekerjaan setan dan pekerjaan roh anti-Kristus/nabi palsu/mesias palsu yang bekerja melalui Marthin Luther. Dan saya membuang semua buku dan Kathekismus Luther karena ajaran sesatnya yang membawa orang Kristen menjadi anti-Kristus dan pengikut Nabi Palsu. Saya bersyukur kepada Tuhan Yesus yang telah membebaskan saya dan melepaskan saya dan mecelikkan mata rohani saya dari ajaran sesat dan saya telah kembali kepada pemelihara jiwa saya Tuhan Yesus Orang Nazareth, Mesiasnya Orang Yahudi, Tuhan Allah Juruselamat Dunia, Gembalaku Yang Baik.Kita harus kembali ke Alkitab Firman Allah bahwa : kita harus mengasihi,mencintai,memberkati,orang-orang Yahudi (umat Israel) dan mendoakan mereka dan bersatu dengan mereka. Karena keselamatan kita orang non Yahudi/non Israel (gereja Kristen) tergantung dari hal-ihwal hubungan antara Tuhan Allah dengan umat pilihan-Nya Israel. Dan Alkitab jelas sekali mengatakannya baik didalam PL maupun di dalam PB..Setan sedang bekerja untuk menyesatkan banyak orang…Firman Allah adalah pedang Roh yang akan melawan roh anti-Kristus dan roh nabi-nabi palsu itu…Tuhan kasih-Mu dan kebenaran-Mu kiranya menjaga aku selalu..Amin.

Berikut ini LINK yang perlu di baca dan diketahui oleh semua umat Kristen :