Friday, January 25, 2008

Muslim to Christian (Abdullah - Saudi Arabia)

Abdullah was a faithful Muslim. He lived just an hour’s drive from Mecca, prayed in the mosque five times a day, practiced all the Muslim beliefs, and, of course, regularly visited Mecca. Like many Muslims, he was taught that Christians had evil spirits and that he must keep away from them.

One night Abdullah dreamed he was in hell, burning in a blazing fire. The next morning, very worried, he prayed to Allah, ‘I have done everything well; why would I go to hell?’ During the following days he grew increasingly troubled. One night he was sleepless because of fear, when at midnight a bright light lit his room and a voice said, ‘I am Jesus. Come to me. I am the way to heaven. Follow me and you shall be saved from hell.’ Abdullah fell on his face crying and said, ‘Please help me find you.’

Within days Abdullah found a Christian Bible and began reading it. He soon committed his life to Jesus. Filled with joy, he started sharing his new-found faith with his family and friends. By his country’s law, however, a Muslim who leaves his faith must be killed. Abdullah’s family turned him over to the authorities. He was jailed and tortured for months.

When Abdullah refused to deny Jesus, he was taken to the Sheria Court, where the most dangerous criminals are tried. The judge said to Abdullah, ‘Deny your new beliefs and you will walk out a free man; if you don’t, you will be beheaded.’

‘I will never deny Jesus,’ Abdullah replied, ‘If you kill me I will go to heaven, but my blood will be on your hands.’ Abdullah was sentenced to be beheaded the following Friday.

He was returned to jail and bound hands and feet. On the day of his execution, however, no one turned up. Next Monday morning the guards removed his chains saying, ‘Run you demon, we do not want to see you again.’ Unable to believe his ears, Abdullah asked for an explanation. The guards said that on the day Abdullah was to be executed the judge’s son had suddenly died. As a result the judge reversed his decision.

Like most Saudis, Abdullah was from a wealthy family and had everything he needed. Not only was he rejected by his family, he had no source of income, and could not get a job because he was considered a betrayer. All of his identification papers were taken from him and he could have been arrested again at any time. And yet despite this pressure Abdullah continued to live for several years in Saudi Arabia, actively telling others about Jesus.


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is this a real story?
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Saya davidy, saya nasrani, saya punya teman di kantor yang lama, seorang profesional, dia dulu seorang muslim, sekarang sudah menerima Yesus sebagai jurselamat pribadinya, cerita begini mah banyak, saya pribadi tidak meragukan. Bukan karena saya seorang nasrani yang pengen menipu teman-teman Islam, tapi begitulah fakta yang saya temukan. Kristen masuk Islam itu ada, Islam masuk Kristen juga ada. Emang gak boleh orang Islam masuk Kristen?

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