Sunday, January 27, 2008

Healed of Asthma - Baptized in the Spirit

Yes God really worked in my life and is still working.

I am now 16 and gave my heart to Jesus when i was 12 years old.

Before I was saved I was a religious person,thinking that i could please God through going to church and living better.
I was living a double life constantly seeking fame in my school , trying to please people.I was molested by older children when I was in grade 2.After that I suffered from guilt an obsessive compulsive behaviour.

My mother was saved 2 years before me and told me about all the miracles she experienced on church camps, all the miracles.Which interested me quite a lot.

I was a good athlete but suffered from severe asthma.My lung capacity ranged from 40% - 60%

One day my mom took me to a sermon , given by a man who have performed physical healings. Afterwards we went to the guy and asked him,if he could pray for my asthma.He prayed, and I instantly felt the Holy Spirit working in my lungs.It felt very warm.I decided to throw away all my asthma pumps and when I went to the doctor about six months later for tests.My lung capacity have shown to be ranging between hundred percent.The doctor could not believe her eyes and we told her afterward about the healing.

Praise God for what he has done for me.

Then last year(2006). I encoutered another dvine experience with God.Whe were on school tour. And I talked alot about God, learning people principles sharing my faith.Some of the guys later came to me and said that God wants to baptize me with the Holy Spirit.Now i never heard about it, and thought they were nuts.But then later they convinced through the scripture.

That night when we prayed that I would be baptized in the Holy Spirit. I believed it and the Holy Spirit came upon me.I felt this sudden warmth coming over me. Matthew 3:11 explains this warmth very clear.I felt Gods presence more clearer than ever. I cried and sang and was verry jolly in the Lord that night.We slept 4:15 am and awoke about 6:00 am and wasn't even tired.God gave us new strength to share this Godly Intervention with others.

Yours in Christ Johan le Grange

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