Monday, January 21, 2008

Delivered from Satanism, Freed from Insanity (John Randall)

My testimony begins about 11 years ago when i came home one morning from working night shift. I was a christian , happily married with 2 lovely children, a boy of 5 and a girl of 4. As i opened the front door to my home i sensed that something was different, out of place. As i walked down the passageway my wife approached me saying that she wanted to leave me and was taking my children with her. I tried to ask her what was happening and why she was doing this, but got no answer. Within a couple of minutes, her brother stopped outside and picked her up and they all walked out of my life. I walked into the house and a numb feeling came over me, then intense anger. I screamed at GOD, asking him why did he let this happen. I got no answer or i was unable to hear GOD speaking. My emotions were in top gear and i opened up a spiritual door which allowed demons to take control of my life. Just to backup a bit..When i was around 15 years old i played the ouija boards with a couple of friends and immediately after that i had a thirst for horror movies. I could not get enough of killing and horror. in my teenage years i remember killing animals just for the fun of seeing them die. I got a rush from this and would also kill small insects and then feed them to ants.

Back to the present...i then had an insatible urge to read occultic books and went out and bought whatever i could get hold of. I started to practice astral projection and visualization. this led me into crystals and spiritualist church. I then got involved in satanism and under guidance from demonic spirits, made a huge pentegram on my bedroom wooden floor. I made black candles using my own blood and began to chant and invite every demonic spirit into my body. I did not care what happened to me, i wanted to kill everyone including my wife and children.The more angry i became, the more i wanted to self destruct. After a while the demons required me to offer blood sacrifices to them. I went out and bought razor blades which i used to cut my arms and legs with. I carved a upside down cross on my forehead and drank my own blood mixed with urine and wine.

I later met up with another stanist (called pig) and his girlfriend alex (alexandra) and he had a huge upside down cross carved out on his chest. We would jam together and i invited him to my home to do rituals. The demons then told me to recruit covern members and i found a young boy who was the right evening we went out looking for cats to sacrifice. This we did by riding around the neighbourhood looking for friendly cats that would let us touch them. We found one cat and took it to a pentecostal church to sacrifice. As i took the cat out of the car,a demon took control of my body and i felt my hands tightening around the cats neck. I then took a knife and mutilated the cats body and we painted satanic slogans in blood on the church walls.

Someone had seen us killing the cat, as the next moment we were surrounded by police officers. May i just add this that at that time there was a special anti occult police squad which consisted of police and various clergy. Their job was to investigate all occultic related crimes.

I was kept in a police cell overnight and for about a week while i was questioned. I was later released to this squads care and they took me to a house where people were waiting to do deliverance on me. As they began to pray, the demons within me began to thrash me around and i found myself levitating off the floor. About 6 men tried to hold me down, but were unable to control me.i was later taken to another house where they would again try to do deliverance on me. But i managed to break free from them and found myself running towards the city centre.apparently the police were contacted,and were asked to search for me. I was growling like a dog and was foaming at the mouth when they managed to corner me outside a post office. It took 10 police men to hold me down and to handcuff me. I was then taken to the local hospital where i was examined by a doctor and given such a strong sedative, that it would put an elephat down. I remember thrashing around,smashing whatever i could and then nothing.

When i came around the next day, i was strapped to a bed in a special psychiatric ward. There i was given daily injections and medication and i later learned that the doctor had told one of the police officers, that there was no hope for me and that i would be a vegetable for the rest of my life. Satan began to destroy my mind. A few months later i was taken to court for damage to property etc and the judge ordered me to be sent for 30 days observation at a mental institute to see if i was fit to stand trial. The psychiatrists there found me to be unfit to stand trial and altough the case against me was dropped, i was sent to another mental institute as a state presidents patient.this meant that i was to stay there for life.there was no way i would ever be let free. I was a danger and menace to society.

I was taken (sedated) to the mental institution and admitted into their care. I was continually given daily injections and medicaions.about 3 months later i was lying on my bed looking up at the ceiling when i felt a tingling sensation over both my feet. As i lay there, it moved slowly up my legs. i realized something was happening to me and made an effort to turn to another patient next to me to tell him what was happening. But i was unable to move. my body was locked fast. The sensation was now around my chest.i then tried to call out to the other patient, but could not utter a word. My tongue was also locked fast.the sensation moved over my head and i found myself at the beginning of a long dark tunnel.there was no other way to go but through the tunnel. i cannot explain it, but there was no other road.

As i entered the tunnel, i saw the figure of someone standing on the other side of the tunnel. as i got closer the figure turned to face me, and i realized it was satan. He said that he had come to take my sould into hell with him. He had huge chains in his hands. i remember screaming and then turning to run away from him back down the tunnel. He bellowed with laughter and suddenly i found myself back in my body on the bed. I was drenched in sweat. I called the nurses for help and was told that i had been hallucinating, but i know as sure as i know there is a sun out there that something had happened to me. Realization slowly crept in that ALMIGHTY GOD had given me another chance. The LORD then sent christian social workers across my path and then HE worked another miracle.Within 4 months, i was released out of that institute into the care of local church people and pastors in my home town. They ministered to me daily and i went through numerous deliverance services i destroyed all my occultic books,jewelry etc etc. i confessed all my sins to ALMIGHTY GOD and asked him to come into my heart and to take control of my life. I immediately felt a peace that passes all understanding. the church people even allowed me to stay many a night at their homes until the early hours in the morning when i as tormented continually by demons who were trying to kill me.

I was invited to give my testimony in a methodist church and it was there that i met my furture wife. Satan has tried to kill us many a time by causing our car to stall on railway lines with a train coming and by bursting out car tyres while travelling at high speed. but JESUS has had his hand on our lives.

I am now about to study to be a pastor and will be serving the lord the rest of my days.

I am living testimony as to what GOD has done for me. AND WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR ME, HE WILL ALSO DO FOR YOU.

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Anonymous said...

This smells like B.S. What city in the world has (or had) a police unit that would hold you for a week over an animal cruelty charge and then release you to a Christian exorcist?

I wish animal cruelty was taken as seriously as in your little story.

I am glad you have found a religion that works to keep you in line because it is clear that you are evil and were messed up long before you ever became interested in the occult.

Now you can get your animal mutilation kicks via the words of the bible with all its sacrificial animals. Apparently, Jehovah needs an exorcism too, in order to get over that desire to kill animals.