Monday, January 21, 2008

Delivered from Mormon Deception (Roxanne Johns)

I was raised in a devout Mormon family and my parents and one of my 4 brothers are still active Mormons; my other 3 brothers are borderline atheists at this point. I had experienced a few times, the "witness of the holy ghost" (aka bosom burning) that is so common in Mormonism. But because of unanswered questions that troubled me so much about that faith, I went through a 10 year period of deprogramming, during which the Lord penetrated my heart with the pure, simple, beautiful message of Christianity. I gave my life to Christ early this year. I had always thought of myself as a Christian but I wasn't reading my Bible or truly trusting God until this awakening.

A few months later (about 5 months ago now), I prayed as a typically did up until then, for this "witness of the holy ghost" as an answer to my prayers, certain decisions I needed help making. I wanted a sign from above to confirm that God was with me, that he loved me and approved of my choices. One nagging prayer was repeated - that God would reveal for me the reason why my Mormon friends and family do in fact receive the witness of the holy ghost, to confirm the divinity of the book of mormon, if in fact, it wasn't of God at all. I didn't yet understand that this type of prayer was unbiblical and left-over Mormonism. The spirit came, the same bosom-burning, loving/beautiful feeling, beyond any explanation.

Pure love. This will sound bazaar to most but as God as my witness, after I praised and welcomed it, this very real person/spirit purposely and forcefully sexually aroused me, followed by unearthly sexual pleasure.

It repeatedly lied and claimed to be God, seeking my love and worship and praise. It would grow warmer and stronger when I would praise it. For 4 days I bounced between praising it and demanding it out in the name of Jesus Christ. Although it was very convincing that it had to be God, I knew that it was unbiblical, as it clearly did not wish for me to read my bible or take care of my responsibilities - it simply wanted me to be alone, put my head back and commune with it as it moved through me in an almost tangible way, over and over. When I finally decided to completely ignore it altogether and solely focus my thoughts on Jesus, it left in a dramatic way, causing me to cough violently. As it left, I felt light (it had made me feel slow and heavy) and scriptural knowledge was poured into me quickly "of course that was not me, but the God of the Book of Mormon, who you ask for.

It is gone and has no legal right to return to you, I am with you. Do not seek signs or feelings because they are deceiving, my love for you is confirmed in the scriptures and my Word is sufficient. Testify of this devil to the Mormons that you know".

I know that there are many Christian scholars who teach that what I experienced as a Christian is impossible. But it happened. I don't know if a Christian who had not been involved in the occult could have a devil enter them or not. My Lord never abandoned me, I invited this deceptive angel of light and God, in his glory, used this awful, invasive experience to give me my answer, the testimony that satan is leading Mormons into Hell and they need us to witness to them.

Satan is real, he is crafty and can appear more beautiful than any earthly person. He is a liar and I can't emphasise enough that he hates Christians and our witnessing, our coming to the light and sharing it with others. It is a very personal war and he tells us that we are insignificant but in truth, our testimonies are a terrific threat to the devil. Don't keep quiet!

In Jesus,

Roxanne Johns


Anonymous said...

You are seriously ill. Get some professional help.

Anonymous said...

I have been delivered from many religions Buddhism Mormonism several. I accepted jesus christ. His lord not just a good person. The Mormonism I was involved in had a very sly grab ur emotions false peace. Very deceptive. I had not experienced anything to the degree u did. But I do believe u. It is a very luring spirit to take to to hell and religion and not Jesus Christ who paid for ur salvation.its a gift not earned. The mormon book iffentantly has a spirit to it its a demon of deception. All lies...dear Lord Jesus open the eyes of the blind. God Bless u keep standing for Jesus.