Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Visions of Jannet Balderas Canela - Puerto Rico

I will relate to you an experience that I had with the Lord on September 5th, 1999. We were in the church and the power of God was there filling our lives. I fell to the floor and felt the Lord's presence in me. I felt that the Lord was dealing with me, and He began to show me visions.

In one vision, I saw two roads, one was very wide, with many people walking on it, but they were walking towards their destruction. The other road was very narrow, I saw there were many people walking down this road, praising and giving honor to the Lord.

Then the Lord showed me another vision where an angel was fighting with a dragon. The dragon threw fire and demons to this Earth.

After that I saw another vision of a very bright shining clock. It was made of gold. The time shown was twelve o'clock. But I saw a hand make the clock go back to eleven o'clock. The Lord told me, "Look, My servant, I take the time back because My people are not prepared as I want them to be, I am taking the time back, because My people don't praise Me as I want, that is why, because of My great mercy I am giving a last chance, so that everyone that comes to My feet shall receive eternal life"

Then the Lord showed me another vision, while I was still lying on the floor. I saw a man riding a horse towards me. He extended His hands, and got closer to where I was laying on the floor. Then I felt the Lord take me into His arms. I felt Him take my spirit out of my body and into His Arms. We then began to ride, we rode upwards and stopped in a place not too high or low. He said to me, "Look My servant, I told you that I was going to bring you with Me, and that is what I am doing now, because what I say with My mouth I fulfill. What I say, I do. That is why I have brought you here My servant. But first I will show you My wounds, so you will take into account and never forget what I have done for all of you."

We arrive to the Throne of God and the Lord showed me the place where the nails were put and where His side was pierced. He also showed me how He was whipped. I saw all the marks and stripes He took for all of us. He said, "Look My servant, many of you do not take into account all I have done for you, many of you forget that I died for you on the Calvary cross, and I feel pain My servant. I feel pain when My people deny me, like opening that wound again, and it hurts Me. It is like they are crucifying Me again on the cross." I saw how the Lord was crying, because He feels pain when we let Him down.

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