Wednesday, November 21, 2007

THE HOLY CITY (Testimony - Vision)

After that we left and the Lord said, "Look, servant I will show you the Holy City, so you can go and tell My people the grandeurs that I have for them." We went up and arrive at a beautiful place, where there were beautiful trees, pines so high. Everything was so beautiful there. I could feel such a sense peace.

In the door of that city was a beautiful rainbow. There were many angels on both sides of a road. We went through the door and the Lord said, "Servant, this is the Holy City." We walked until we arrived at a garden full of beautiful roses, like I've never seen on Earth.

I let go of the Lord's hand and I ran to the garden. I hugged the flowers, they were so fine and their smell was so delicious. I was going to cut a flower but the Lord said, "No servant, you cannot take anything yet. You will be able to take these flowers only when My people come here, when My church arrives to this place, then you will be able to take of these flowers." And I said, "Lord, I wanted to take just one flower to Earth and show it to all the churches." But the Lord said, "No, servant, because My people are not here yet." I saw many different type of beautiful flowers.

Then we rode through beautiful green grass. The Lord sat down on the grass, and with a beautiful smile He said, "Servant, all this that you touch and see I have prepared for My people."

We then rode to a place with a huge tree that was full of fruits. I said, "Lord, this tree? What does this tree mean? And all these fruits?" I was also going to pull off one of the fruits but the Lord told me again, "No, servant, you cannot take those fruits yet, because this tree is the tree of Life, and from this tree My people shall eat when they come up here. Meanwhile you cannot take anything until My people have arrived here." The tree had such beautiful fruits.

Then we continued riding, and I saw so many beautiful butterflies and animals. The Lord said, "Servant all these things here are for My people. Tell My people that very soon, they are going to be here, riding in this holy city."

We continued and arrived at another beautiful place, with many huge trees and pines. The Lord said, "Servant, all this is for My people. Servant, come here because I will show you wonders."

We arrive at a beautiful place that was full of angels. One angel was huge, and had a big trumpet to his mouth. I said, "Lord, that angel, what does that mean?" The Lord replied, "Look servant, this angel is waiting for a signal, this angel is waiting for an order that I give, so he can begin to sound the trumpet, and when this angel begins to play that trumpet, My people will be taken up, raised, and transformed. But be sure of one thing servant, this trumpet will be just heard by those that are watching! So go and tell My people to watch, tell to My people don’t sleep, because if you fall sleep, you won’t hear the trumpet, tell to My people to be watching, for those that are sleeping, I won’t be able to raise them up."

The angel was so big and beautiful, and behind him were many more angels that had smaller trumpets. Those trumpets were made of gold, and were very shiny. The Lord said, "Servant, tell My people to get ready, because I am about to give the order for the trumpet to sound."

We began to ride again and the Lord said, "Look servant, I will show you the Throne of My Father. I haven’t showed it to you, but I will show you now, so you can go and tell My people that My Father is real, and that I am real." We all began to walk, the Lord, the angels and I. When we were still far from the Father's Throne, I felt that I could not take it anymore, I could not stand before such power and glory. As we got closer and closer, I felt like I was like a feather, I could hardly walk. If the angels were not holding me, I could not continue walking.

We arrived at the Throne of the Father, and I could feel such tremendous power from the Throne. Powerful lightning came from the Throne, it was so glorious and huge. Such power surrounded the Throne, it was glowing and made of gold. Someone was sitting on the Throne, but I could not see His face, I could not stand the power coming from the Throne. I could only see the Father from His waist down. But from His waist up, I couldn’t see because then I fell to the floor. I fell because I could not bear such power and glory.

After that I saw 24 elders praising and glorifying the Name of the Lord. I saw huge archangels also glorifying the Name of the Lord. The 24 elders knelt down saying "Holy, Holy, Holy are thee oh Lord!" The angels never got tired of glorify and praising the Lord, and the elders never stopped glorifying the Name of the Lord. Tremendous fire came from the Throne, and there were so many beautiful things in that Throne.

Then we left and came to a place where there was a huge angel. I said, "Lord who is that angel?" The Lord replied, "Look servant, this is the angel Gabriel, and look at this other angel, for this is Michael." They were so big and beautiful. The Lord said, "Servant, tell to My people that the angel Gabriel and the angel Michael really exist."

Afterwards the Lord said, "Servant, come here, because I will show you the whip." We arrive to another place where I saw the Lord take out a whip that had tree ends. He hit it against a very big chair, and said, "Servant this is for the disobedient, this whip is for those that do not want to obey My Word. Since they do not want to obey My Word, well, then I will whip them with this whip, because I punish those who I love." I saw how the Lord hit the chair with that whip, and I said, "Please Daddy, don’t hit me with that whip!" He replied, "Well servant, then obey me, because those who don’t obey Me I discipline." (Revelation 3:19 Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest, and repent.)

Then the Lord took me to a precious place, a tremendous place, where I saw more crowns of gold. But those crowns already had names written on them, and were full of pearls! The Lord said, "Look servant, this crown here is for My servant Yiye Avila, and this other one is of My servant Arturo GarcĂ­a." The crowns were precious! On one crown was written "Aida Vadillo", another had "Miguel Duran", and another had "Armando Duran." "Lord now I can see and touch all the crowns of the servants." I also saw crowns for "Pablo Pintado", and "Nahum Zamudio."

The Lord said, "Servant, here I allow you to see. This is to show you that the crowns of My servants who are working in My vineyard, I have them here. So you can see My servants that are preaching My word. I have big rewards for them." I saw thousands and thousands of crowns, all of them with names written on.

I touch another crown, but I saw this crown began to lose all the stones on it. "Lord! Don’t let this be my crown!" The Lord said, "Look servant, this is what it happens to those that don’t want to work in My vineyard anymore, to those that prefer to turn their backs to Me rather than praise Me. Look servant, these servants that don’t want to praise Me anymore, this is what happens to their crowns. The servants that don’t want to work in My vineyard anymore, this is what it happens to their crowns." (Revelations 3:11)

Then the Lord took me to another very beautiful place, and I saw a lot of people that were sleeping. They had on very white robes. I said, "Lord, who are all these people?" The Lord replied, "Look servant, all these people here are those that have died on Earth, and now they are here resting in paradise, and when I give the order for the trumpet to be sounded, the ones that are dead shall be raised first and then the ones that are on the Earth." There were so many people, and their garments were so white. (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)

Nobody was talking to anyone else, they were just sleeping, in a very deep sleep. And the Lord told me, "Servant they are resting, but when the trumpet sounds, these will raise up first, and then those who remain on the Earth will be raised up together with them, to be with Me. And then we can celebrate the Wedding of the Lamb." (JBC)

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