Wednesday, November 21, 2007

THE THRONE OF SATAN (Testimony - Vision)

We continued riding and arrived at a very terrible place, and the Lord said, "Look servant, I will show you the throne of satan." I told Him, "No Lord! I don’t want to see that throne!" He replied, "Servant don’t be afraid, for I am with you." Then we arrive at a terrible horrifying place, I saw a huge enormous chair with satan on. He had big nails, and he laughed and laughed, he could not stop laughing. I also saw demons everywhere. I saw demons of different sizes, I saw principalities, I saw strongholds, and many different demons. I saw how satan gave orders to his demons, orders to go up to the Earth and provoke all kinds of evil things.

I saw how those demons went up and provoked crashes, slaughters, fights, divorces and all kind of evil things. Then they would come down and reported to him everything they did. And satan would laughed and laughed. satan gave prizes to the demons, and the demons began to celebrate him, and praise him and sing for him.

I saw how satan had so many plans to destroy Christians, big plans to destroy the servants of God. I saw huge churches and congregations that were full of modernism. The Lord said, "Look servant, these churches are possessed by satan, and they won’t be able to go up with Me."

The Lord showed me how demons provoked so many killing, and all those souls would then arrive in this damnation, a horrible place. I saw a furnace, and the Lord said, "Look servant, this is the lake of fire, and this is hell."

Every time the demons provoked slaughters, all the souls fell down to this place. The fire would consume them and they would melt. The souls cried with pain and horror, and the demons would come back to the throne of satan and tell him what they had done. satan would just laugh and laugh and give prizes to the demons. The demons would then sing and jump for him, and do all kinds of things to celebrate him. satan laughed with joy and pride because of all the souls that were arriving in hell. They kept falling second after second, and satan was so proud that he could stop laughing.

I also sensed many demonic feelings in that place, so many strongholds. I said, "Lord please take me out of here, I can't stand it anymore." The demons would poke and tormented the souls there. The souls would scream, "Leave us alone! Leave us in peace, we don’t want more torment, we want peace!" And the demons would laugh. (JBC)