Wednesday, November 21, 2007

THE BOOK OF LIFE (Testimony - Vision)

After that the Lord show me a big beautiful book. It was very shinny and made of gold. I said, "Lord that big book, what is it for?" He told me, "Servant in this book are the names of those that praise Me, and the names of those that have repented and have looked for My ways. For this is the Book of Life. In this Book are written all those that gather together to praise and glorify My Name." The book was so big, and had letters written in gold. He said, "Look My servant, many of these names I haven’t erased because of My mercy, because many have turn their backs on Me. Many have turn their back on Me, but My mercy is so big that I haven’t erased them yet, for I do not want that anyone perish, but that everybody have eternal life." I began to touch the Book, and saw how so many names were written in it. (JBC)

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