Wednesday, November 21, 2007


After that the Lord said, "Servant I will show you the rapture, I will show you how My coming will be." So I said, "Lord I have already seen many things, why are you going to show me more?" Then we arrive at the Throne of God, and I saw thousands and thousands of angels gathered together there. Then we started to go down, and the Lord and I stopped in a very white beautiful cloud. The Lord gave orders to the angels to come and receive the church, and the Lord told me, "Servant watch carefully, because this is the way it will be when I come back, this will be My coming."

I saw people raised from the four corners of the Earth, praising the Name of the Lord. All those people were cover with the power of God. They were dressed in white robes rising up and up. They began to sing a very beautiful song, "Holy, Holy, Holy are thee oh Lord! Thank You Father! For you have raised us! Thank you Lord, for you have raised us!"

I saw many different people, tall, short, dark, white. All the people, and all those angels went up to the cloud where the Lord and I were. All the people and angels were full of thanksgiving to the Lord, and we all said, "Holy! Holy! Holy are thee oh Lord!" It was such a tremendous thing, I saw so many people that I thought I knew them. They all were cover with the glory of God. (JBC)

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