Monday, January 11, 2010

Prophecy - Beware, The Ark Door And Book Of The Gentiles Is Closing

"Get in now, the Ark door and Book of the Gentiles is closing. Come into the Ark. Come into MY arms where there is safety. For those that call ME Beloved and I call them MY beloved Bride, MY children. Come believe once again in your BLESSED HOPE, Your ALMIGHTY GOD, LORD, SAVIOR and BRIDEGROOM. Believe in the BLESSED HOPE. I will rescue you from the wrath that is to come. For those that refuse the BLESSED HOPE, MY coming for MY beloved Bride, eloping with her in the midnight hour. You insult ME to say I will cause her to suffer the Wrath of Almighty God. She is MY beloved, why would I beat MY Bride up? I am not a wife beater.

You have already been tested and found worthy of being called MY Bride, or I would not be catching you away with ME. So Stop insulting ME and believe I am a rewarder to those that diligently seek after ME and look for MY coming and long for MY coming again. As in the Days of Noah, I warned Noah the rain would come. Though Noah knew not what a flood was he believed ME. I told Noah to build an Ark though the work was hard and mockery and persecution great. Though the work took many years to do, what I had Noah to accomplish because of his obedience, you are here today. The animals he saved, except for those you made extinct, have replenished the earth. I knew ahead who I created to have the boldness to speak forth messages, with MY RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Ghost) power and anointing that convicts the hearts of those with spiritual ears to hear and eyes to see.

Noah did NOT doubt, neither should MY Prophets today. Yet so many do, even though I speak forth MY words of fire and use their mouths to speak and hands to write and yet they dare to doubt and wonder if they are hearing from Heaven. Noah did not doubt. Jeremiah did not doubt, Jonah did not doubt, Elijah did not doubt, Ezekiel did not doubt, Daniel did not doubt, then why do MY prophets today doubt ME? I will back up the words I say. Listen not to the mockers and scoffers as in the day of Noah and Lot and Moses so it shall be again. There is coming a rain but it is the reign of MY Holy terror of the Great God "I AM's" wrath and judgment.

There is coming a flood, but not only a flood of water, but a flood of the bowls of curses being poured out I will overflow this earth with a flood of MY wrath since the time of Adam and Eve's sin against ME. As I had a Noah to warn of the flood, Moses to warn of the curses and Lot to warn that the fire of Heaven would fall, so too I will do it again, I am warning now through MY handmaiden. It would do you well to study every word I speak and write through her now. Always there is a remnant who I have that will listen and hear MY voice. Always there is a multitude who will scoff and mock just as surely as the heathen mocked Noah, Moses and Lot. Just as surely the destruction and wrath came as flood, curses, and fire for the Great God "I AM's" wrath and judgment, so it will be again.

So you would do well to hear the words MY handmaiden Elijah speaks forth. They are not her words but the words from your Creator's mouth. You begged for a message from ME. I will speak forth now. These words will anger MY enemies and cause MY children and Bride to rejoice and have joy unspeakable and full of Glory. All of Hell tried to distract Sherrie Elijah from hearing MY words I am now speaking but only hindered and could not stop ME speaking and her hearing. These words make satan shudder, for multitudes YEA, I say millions will hear MY voice and run into MY Son YAHUSHUA's saving arms of Salvation. Only through YAHUSHUA's shed Blood will anyone be spared what is to come. I am going to pour forth MY RAGE! You who are hearing or reading this shall either be spared by MY coming again or you shall live to experience MY wrath!

What you do now for MY glory and what you have done for MY glory alone will cause MY Son to spare you of the horror of MY wrath and judgment to come. The door to MY Ark is closing; quickly get in while you can. In the time of Noah the heathen beat on the door of the Ark to come into safety and yet it was too late after the wrath started falling. The first drops of rain the heathen ignored as they ignore now, but open your eyes, the wrath has been falling around the world already but to a milder degree than what it will be. Come quickly to YAHUSHUA. Accept Him as your Lord, Savior and God. You know the way to escape, what are you waiting for? The Ark is as the Ark of MY Covenant. The Ark is MY promise of safety. Only MY Son YAHUSHUA is your Ark of safety.

I will only answer your prayers in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! You cannot pray in your own names, in your own boldness or strength. Dare not touch MY throne in your own names for there is no name to intercede for you but MY beloved Son YAHUSHUA. Dare not wear your robes of righteousness for I know who has MY SEAL placed on them. Those who truly are redeemed though the work of MY Son YAHUSHUA at Calvary. Come to ME in YAHUSHUA's Name, through HIS shed Blood; Stand in HIS Robes of Righteousness. So when you do this I say, "Come boldly before the Great God "I AM," your God YAHUVEH. If you try to come in any other name I will CAST YOU OUT! You will not be saved from the flood of MY wrath, the fire that will fall, the curses, the plagues in any other way but by accepting YAHUSHUA now as MESSIAH your Savior your God before it's too late.

Buddha can't save you, he couldn't save himself. Allah, Mohammed, Ghandi, can't save you; they couldn't save themselves, ALL DIED! All are in Judgment for causing others to worship them. Sun Moon cannot save you; he cannot save himself of the Judgment that is to come. Maitreya cannot save you! There is but one name that can save you and it's the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Whether you call him YAHUSHUA or YAHSHUA does not matter just call upon his Name. You who call yourselves Jews listen close. You cannot enter into Heaven just by worshipping and believing in YAHUVEH's Name, although that is MY Name, it is YAHUSHUA who is the only MESSIAH.

The price MY Son paid at Calvary was for your Salvation, both Jew and Gentile alike. YAHUSHUA was crucified and tortured and died and arose again for your sakes. He paid the ransom for your sins. Both Jew and Gentile hear ME; there is no other Savior but YAHUSHUA. He is your Savior, the only way of escape from MY wrath that is to come. MY children who I created who are born Jewish hear ME. You wait for another Savior, yet you wait in vain. There is no other but MY Son YAHUSHUA. The one you have been taught to hate is the only Ark of safety. You cannot love ME and yet hate MY beloved Son. YAHUSHUA is the one I sent to earth to pay the ransom for your sins.

This is why Israel and Jerusalem knows no peace, every nation that refuses YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH WILL KNOW NO PEACE. HEAR ME AGAIN! KNOW YAHUSHUA AND YOU WILL KNOW PEACE! YAHUSHUA brings a peace that passes all understanding. YAHUSHUA is the Prince of Peace. How can you have peace and reject the only Prince of Peace. As in the days of Noah, the work was hard in building the ark. The time was long to build the ark and collect the animals. Just as it is hard for the prophets of old and prophets of today, it is not easy to speak forth MY Words! It takes boldness and you will offend more than bless. YAHUSHUA was offensive to many. So MY Prophets that speak not words that are for itching ears, but instead words that convict and speak forth MY secrets, warning to repent, yet also always offering hope and mercy.

The prophets and apostles' job is neither easy nor popular. MY Prophets get frustrated trying to get people to listen knowing these words are not their words. They give their own finances to preach forth the prophetic messages as I always have a remnant that will hear MY voice and obey. I always have a remnant that will desire to hear what the prophets are speaking. Yet, how I grieve how few are willing to labor with MY Prophets by their sides, sharing their burdens. Does not MY Word say, "Believe a prophet and so shall ye prosper," I now say unto you, "Reward a prophet and you shall receive the same rewards as they do in the Kingdom of Heaven and on earth." When paper currency becomes worthless paper and has no value any longer, I will remember if you helped MY Prophets or let them go in need.

Remember the Widow of Zarephath, if you doubt this. Did I not already know who would be willing to share Elijah of Old's burdens? Did I raise up a woman of wealth to sustain Elijah? Nay, I raised up someone that was in need such as he. They both were hungry were they not? They both had no physical wealth did they not and yet I chose the little Widow of Zarephath for I knew her heart. She was not selfish and though she was concerned, it was her and her son's last meal and then she would die and her son. Yet she trusted the prophet and believed this prophet and so she did not go in lack anymore. She put the needs of the prophet before her own needs. Remember how I multiplied her cruz of oil and it did not run dry. Remember how I multiplied her meal barrel so it was not empty.

Remember how I asked her to use her faith to give the last of what she had. Remember this MY Children, she had to borrow pots and jars from neighbors and when they asked her what she was going to put in it she had to say her God was going to fill the empty vessels. As I did for her so I will do again. Only believe! Faith without works is dead. I will do this for those who believe I will provide for them also as I did the widow of Zarephath for those who bless MY Prophets. You will want ME to bless you when your paper money and cards are worthless. I will remember now whether you tithed and gave alms when I told you to share. Does not MY Word say, "Store up your treasure in Heaven where thieves cannot steal nor rust corrupt." Store up your blessings the way you would store up your treasures. Where your heart is, what you put your trust in, is your God.

I tell you this; anyone that helped Noah was spared. But who labored with Noah? Only his family! So too it shall be again. Only MY true children will desire to help the prophets to speak forth and not muzzle the prophet or tie the oxen feet as they pull the plow. Pray for the prophets especially the handmaiden speaking this forth. Satan seeks to silence MY voice on this earth for the prophets always warn before I send MY wrath or before satan attacks. It is MY Prophets I share MY secrets with. Never do I send MY wrath and judgment until I send the prophets to speak and warn to REPENT! Satan especially hates the prophets. The office of the prophet is not easy. No one is a prophet unless they are familiar with suffering. They have suffered for the anointing to prophesy.

So now I say, "Bless MY Prophets and I will bless you. Protect MY Prophets and I will protect you. Labor with MY Prophets and great shall be your blessings especially when you're in need. Offer to hide MY Prophets and I will hide you. Share with MY Prophets and I promise you will never starve or go homeless." The time is here when it is dangerous to call oneself a prophet. It is getting more dangerous as YAHUSHUA approaches to come for HIS Bride. I shouldn't have to tell you to what I have spoken, you should know this already. Shame on you for not doing what you know I have spoken to your Spirit to do. Many times I have said, "Help them," and yet you have refused. How can you say you love ME when you don't obey ME? Get into the Ark of MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

Believe I am a God that rewards those that diligently seek after ME. If you believe that you will suffer the wrath that is about to flood this earth, then you shall suffer that wrath and judgment. If you believe I am a God that rewards those that diligently seek after ME, diligently listen for MY voice and do MY will and not your will, walk when I say walk, run when I say run, stand still when I say stand still, speak when I say speak, be silent when I say nothing or do nothing until you hear from Heaven. A soldier doesn't just follow his own orders; he waits for the commander in chief to speak orders. So wait, though MY answer seems to tarry, it shall come forth. The war in the Heavenly rages on. The sound waves have been blocked thus far. How could MY Prophets speak like this handmaiden if the sound waves were not blocked, they would be gone. It's for your sakes I have let the war in the Heavenly rage. The seals of the redeemed have been sealed as satan has marked who is his.

So too, I your Father YAHUVEH have marked who is MINE. The Godly shall become more Holy. The evil will become more unholy. Woe be unto the earth for it shudders and shakes. Not only does the sky convulse as YAHUSHUA approaches earth but the earth shakes in fear and quakes in fear for it knows the evil that has been done. The earthquakes are the earth quaking in fear and they shall intensify and storms become more fierce and the lava in the mountains will spew forth for the lava is heated by MY wrath! It boils hotly against the heathen of this earth who refuse MY commandment, who refuse YAHUSHUA's gift at Calvary and who hate all that is Holy. The earth shall quake harder as the Son of God approaches. The sky shakes with the anger of satan and the war in the Heavenly. The sky labors as a woman giving birth. It will be as though the stars fall from the sky. The prince and power of the air shakes the sky, for satan knows.

"YAHUSHUA IS COMING FOR HIS BRIDE, YAHSUHUA IS COMING AGAIN!" Satan must do his evil quickly for he knows his time is very short now. He wants to take as many souls as he can to hell with him for he knows this is the only way he can hurt YAHUSHUA! For MY Son paid the price at Calvary so satan could not take you to hell with him. America, yes, there is coming war to your shores and land. But I have protected you thus far. I have waited for America to REPENT and yet this nation only grieves ME. Angers ME! The Political leaders show no shame or remorse and only become more reprobate. The people who vote for these shameful leaders show no remorse or shame.

They instead speak not for holiness but vote into office even more unholy heathens. America you have what you voted for. The few Godly and righteous I had in office have been put to open shame. Stripped naked and their jobs stolen all because they dared to speak against the false prophet of this land all because they stood up for morality and holiness. Woe be unto the people that had a choice to vote in the Godly and yet chose the heathen with spirits of the anti-christ instead. I spared MY people who were voted out of office that stood up for righteousness from being in the white house when all hell breaks loose in that place and MY wrath I openly show toward the reprobate politicians. The Harlot, remember Sodom and Gomorrah, it's in the White House. I will bless those that voted against the evil in Washington D.C. and I will curse those that voted for the evil immorality with their votes.

I shall put America to open shame before the entire world. Your leaders will weep openly for what I am going to do. But not MY children you will know what to do when the time comes. The reason you don't know yet it is not time. I am never too early or too late, I your Lord God is always on time, you just think I am late. MY timing is prefect. You can't go ahead of ME or behind ME but must stay right by MY side. All MY children those who belong to YAHUSHUA long for HIS coming again around this world, hear ME, the voice of your Creator, the great God "I AM." I will, for your sakes, send miracles like you have never seen thus far. For you see MY Son YAHUSHUA your MESSIAH approaches this earth, as this handmaiden Sherrie Elijah has told you before, I repeat once again.

It is true Gabriel has already blown his horn. The sound waves have been blocked by the war in the Heavenlies but Gabriel's horn will be heard and the sound waves unblocked. Your bodies shall be changed in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. The dead in YAHUSHUA (Christ) shall rise first and you which remain will be caught up to meet YAHUSHUA in the air. But you shall walk in your glorified bodies witnessing for ME, warning NOT to take the Mark of the Beast for 40 days. Then you shall be the greatest witness of MY Word. Yet for the ones not changed they will grieve for they will know they must go through the Tribulation.

Then you will come with ME to meet ME in the air and together we shall meet in the air. MY Bride is not appointed unto MY wrath. Satan shall be cast down to earth in great fury with his demons falling from the sky. Woe be unto the inhabitants of earth. MY BRIDE WILL REJOICE AT MY APPEARING! Those believers who have spoken and believed that YAHUSHUA will not rescue HIS BRIDE before the Great Tribulation will be surprised as YAHUSHUA comes when they least expect the Groom to come for HIS Bride! The ones that are determined they must go through the Great Tribulation will be asleep as MY Son YAHUSHUA comes and elopes with his Bride in the midnight hour, changing mortal bodies into immortal bodies.

Then these, which were sleeping and so sure they were right, will see they were wrong. They will weep and wail for they missed their way of escape of the wrath that is to come. They will have to wait for their glorified bodies. The heathen will rage and curse Almighty God and great hatred shall rise up against believers of YAHUSHUA! For after the 40 days of the Glorified Saints witnessing and showing what they missed great grief and great rage will arise. Pray now that you will be counted worthy to be called MY Son YAHUSHUA's Bride. Pray that you will be counted worthy to escape the hour of this temptation to take the Mark of the Beast.

Call unto ME now in YAHUSHUA's Name. I am a Heavenly Father that will not cast out those who listen to these words and receive them and obey them. For MY glory alone I have spoken to you, thus you can't say YAHUVEH did not warn you. There is but one intercessor, one ARK of safety and it is the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! As Noah was above the waters of MY wrath so believe and you also will be above MY wrath watching from Heaven safe from Tribulation. The ones that insist on testing ME and believing I will not rescue MY Bride before the Tribulation, believing I will not count anyone worthy to escape the hour of temptation, there is hope for you also. Believe I will protect you as I did LOT and OBEY ME and you will also see Heaven.

I warn you in that time you will walk by faith and not by sight more than any other time in history. No one who is lukewarm in faith will survive MY wrath. If you find it hard now to have faith, how much harder you will find it to believe that I will rescue you and yet the majority of faith will die and they will willingly give their lives as a martyr, prefer this to continue living by faith alone. They will be beheaded for their beliefs and prefer death over suffering. Yet all those who refuse the Mark of the Beast in the Tribulation shall be saved."


Beware the yeast of the Pharisee's. It is in a multitude of the churches. The yeast causes the Pharisee's that I called snakes or vipers to manifest a spirit of religion. I the Lord your God hates the spirit of a Pharisee. They speak holy when it's convenient and when it's not offensive to them, yet they do not live what they speak. The yeast causes the Pharisee's to rise up and speak words of truth from the Bible yet throws in a percentage of lies from hell and doctrines of devils. There are two different Pharisee spirits beware of both of these I now warn you, those with spiritual ears to hear and listen. I do not want MY sheep and lambs to be led astray. The Pharisee spirit tries to destroy MY Prophets speaking. This handmaiden of MINE speaking, battles with those that come to her as enemies with the spirit of Pharisee. She has been hurt many times from the spirit of a Pharisee.

Told because she is a woman she can't be a pastor, because of her looks she can't be MY pastor, because she exposes the wolves in sheep's clothing, those out to deceive and devour MY sheep and lambs she is accused of judging them. Yet she does NOT judge them, MY Word does judge them. MY RUACH ha KODESH speaks forth convicting words and those with the spirit of the Pharisee do not want to be convicted nor exposed. This causes the yeast of the Pharisee's to rise up and try to destroy this ministry as well as many others. Yet these Pharisee's speak vain words. Their words do not fool YAHUSHUA who knows their hearts and true intents. There is no mercy for the Pharisee's without repentance.

So be forewarned this day. Beware the yeast of the Pharisee's will contaminate the entire congregation if left to continue to rise up. The very elect will be deceived if possible. Beware of the demonic spirits of the spirit of religion. I am not a religion, I am a loving relationship. The spirit of the Pharisee's say only certain denominations will be saved. There are no labels in Heaven only the redeemed of YAHUSHUA will enter into Heaven. The spirit of religion comes forth out of the yeast of the Pharisee's. They quote MY words and do not even know ME. The Pharisee's try and destroy and discourage MY true Prophets.

Don't listen to them. MY Prophets like I have trained this handmaiden speaking forth MY Words see satan's weapon that harms is not those that come in satan's name but those that inflict the greatest wounds come inflicting wounds in the Name of YAHUSHUA! I did not send them to this handmaiden speaking, as I told her these Pharisee's spirits are demonic spirits that latch onto those that hate that minister without cause. Beware of the cloning spirits also called walk-in spirits. For I warn you now MY children this is satan's newest weapon that has gone unnoticed. There are souls who have given themselves over to satan asking satan for blessings or protection. But there is no protection or blessing to be found. Instead demons have taken over their personalities and souls. Yes even in MY churches many of MY Pastors and ministers have been cloned.

They once were holy before ME. They once preached the truth and now preach the doctrines of devils. Beware of the yeast of the Pharisee's. Don't let it contaminate you. Those in the churches that see this must flee. Beware for satan sends that angel of light to entice MY flocks away from MY truth. These Pastors who once preached MY truth and relied on the RUACH ha KODESH to empower them now turn to manifestations from hell and deceiving the elect. Beware when you see sin even behind the Pulpit for the sake of that Pastor's soul, don't stay quiet. Who will rebuke them if you don't? But speak only after you have prayed to ME and sought how to approach this Pastor.

Pray for the people to intercede so the congregation will not get deceived by the yeast of the Pharisee's or deceived by the cloning spirit. What better way for satan to deceive MY elect than to enter in someone that once preached MY Gospel and brought multitudes to the Lord your God. Beware these ministers boast about their Rolex watches of fine gold. Tailor made clothes on their back, take the holy tithes and offerings and use it for their personal salary and boast about it. The tithe and offerings belong to YAHUVEH. You are to give your alms where MY RUACH ha KODESH leads you. Not always where you attend Church. Plant where I tell you to plant. Hear MY voice and open your ears and you will be amazed I am not telling you to pay for bigger and better buildings, redecoration, luxury gifts for the pastor.

I am NOT telling you to encourage his or her worldliness. You will be held accountable where you sowed your seed while you have it. This seed should not go to make a pastor wealthy. Yes, they should have an income but children why do you not even question when you see your pastor driving luxury cars and living in houses fit for a king. Why do you not even care that some pastors are millionaires. Yet they are on the airwaves on television and radio and holding conferences begging for more. They will be held accountable one day very shortly for stealing what is meant for Holy tithes and offerings and instead feed their appetites for greed.

This tithe and love offerings are to preach the Gospel around the world, and speak forth MY Prophetic messages, bringing Souls into MY loving arms. I, YAHUSHUA am VERY angry for you sit in these churches that only preach one side of Almighty YAHUVEH, the side that is love and yet refuse to speak against anything that might offend others. They don't weep over the lost souls. The yeast of the Pharisee's only wants to rise up and speak about redecorating the church, building bigger and better buildings. Paying for ministers to come and hold seminars, or musicians to sing, all the while MY people in the congregation go naked, hungry, or homeless.

These same pastors would never think of inviting these people into their own homes. Many have congregations so large they don't even attempt to recognize faces or know their names. This is not a pastor. They should be there when you need them no matter what time of day or night. The yeast of the Pharisee's says they cannot be bothered to pray for just anyone. They forget a pastor is a servant. They are to weep with MY people, rejoice with MY people; they are not above MY people. They should bear one another's burdens, encouraging the congregation to call upon them when prayer is needed. Home numbers should be freely given.

This admonition is not for all pastors. I have MY remnant also that love MY children and are there to serve the congregation in every way. These pastors go without and are in lack. For these have the poorer congregations. But great will be these pastors' rewards in Heaven. These Pastors are rich in faith and gifts of the RUACH ha KODESH. I will reward them openly one day very soon. But this message is for those who sit in the churches where the pastors sin and yet dare anyone to speak about it. How many of you reading this I have shown evil error in your churches yes in your own pastors. Yet you sit there and say nothing intimidated by who he or she is. They are no better than you are. You hear who am I to correct the pastor? At least it's a church. But when I show you wrong you are to speak it forth.

You are with holding a blessing from that spiritual leader. What if they would repent? What if they truly don't know they have offended ME? Instead you worry because your friends and family attend that church. You don't want to make waves. You may not be accepted anymore. Beware the yeast of the Pharisee's it's already contaminated you. You sow your seed into unfertile soil I am not blessing with MY RUACH ha KODESH. You see no signs wonders or miracles that follow after them that believe. So instead these Pharisee's must put on a carnival atmosphere to entertain the congregation. Beware the yeast of the Pharisee's. No wonder you count the seconds until church is over with. Can't you see MY RUACH ha KODESH is not moving there?

Can't you see the true gift of prophecy is despised? Can't you see if I were to send this handmaiden Elijah to these churches she would not be welcome? If she were to speak forth this prophetic message she would be shown the door. Test this and copy and show your pastor what is written here and other prophesies I have spoken through Sherrie Elijah. You will be amazed for you will see if your pastor has the spirit and yeast of the Pharisee. Most of you reading this recognizing the voice of your Heavenly Father will be shocked to see what your pastor or spiritual leader does with prophesies such as I have given this prophet. They may say they don't have time or just let you know they are not interested in prophecy.

Can't you see satan sends his cloning spirits to clone a person that once was Holy. But they turned away from me because of greed, pride, sin, or lack of faith. Yet now that cloning spirit now speaks forth MY words yet no RUACH ha KODESH is within. Only a clone of hell disguised as an angel of light. I will hold you responsible for sowing seed into ministries that lead MY people to false doctrines. These churches grow in abundance like a glutton they consume the wealth. Just because they are the biggest ministry does not mean they are the best.

Just because they are on television does not make them better than a small congregation. These ministers who build Media Centers to reach the world and still beg for more to pay for their multi million dollar churches and studios, they are abundant in wealth, worldliness, but not in Holiness. You who helped them lead the people astray by not speaking forth will be held accountable. I will remove your blessings if you continue to deafen your ears. This is your last chance! Stop supporting the ministries and churches with the yeast of the Pharisee's. I your LORD your GOD will remove your blessings if you continue to promote these lies of the Pharisee's.

I will bless those that obey ME. Read these prophecies to your pastor and ask permission to share them. So you will share MY blessings with others. If you feel intimated by doing this then ask yourself, why? Warn the congregation and pastor what I speak. MY words are not just for few to hear but the majority to hear. Tell them this. Just as in the days of Noah so it shall be again. A flood of MY bowl of curses that will overflow on this earth and no one will escape except those I have already sealed. Fire from the sky, fire that consumes all it touches. One third of the earth shall be destroyed. The EARTH SHAKES IN FEAR as I the Son of YAHUVEH approaches. The wrath shall consume the earth.

This earth has been worshipped and not the Creator of this earth. For this the earth has paid and will continue to pay. Creatures of this earth have been worshipped for this the creatures must pay. Man has been worshipped not the Creator of mankind for this mankind shall pay. Evil spirits of Jezebel and Ahab have been embraced in the churches, for this judgment comes to the house of YAHUVEH and on the earth. Flee from such places. Instead listen to MY RUACH ha KODESH. Listen to the Spiritual leaders with Spirits of Noah, Moses, Elijah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, John the Baptist.

Learn of these prophets fruit, but most of all learn from your MESSIAH call upon MY Name YAHUSHUA and I will teach and lead you into all truth. Learn to listen to MY RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit). There is a time coming gathering in buildings publicly in America will cause great fear. Other countries know this now. But I have been merciful thus far. You have relied thus far on that building to gather and worship ME once or twice a week forgetting ME the rest of the week. This isn't all of you but many of you reading now. You rely on that building or pastor or congregation but you have NEVER learned to listen to MY voice for yourself. What will you do when it's only you and I?

Learn now to listen and obey MY voice. Your pastors should be encouraging you to do this and encouraging you in the gifts of MY RUACH ha KODESH. Heed what MY true prophets speak, labor with the prophets, learn from their example of boldness. Satan seeks to steal your BLESSED HOPE and fill your hearts with fear and telling MY children and MY Bride that they will go through the time of wrath, stealing your joy and stealing your BLESSED HOPE. These servants of satan come as angels of light. When you think of angels sent to confuse MY servants sent by satan, think of them as fluorescent lights. It's a counterfeit, ugly and deadly. Florescent lighting feels like it sucks your energy from you. Have I not told you to pray you will be counted worthy to escape the hour of temptation that is to come on this earth? I have written in MY Word to comfort you and ease your fears.

My Children, you are not appointed to MY wrath. Instead I have given you the BLESSED HOPE. Yet you allow the false prophets to rob you of your BLESSED HOPE. Some will be saved though they refuse this BLESSED HOPE NOW! Coming very shortly they will grieve as the 5 virgins with out oil in their lamps for they will be left in the darkness without any light. They will watch as destruction comes to anyone they try and travel with those who are not MY children. Be it your husband, your wife, family or friends. Take a lesson from LOT! Those that refuse to believe I, YAHUSHUA is coming back for MY Bride and I am now on the way, will be found like the 5 virgins with NO oil in their lamps and NO way for them to buy the oil for the lamps.

The wise 5 virgins now believe I am coming at any day or hour. They watch and long for their Bridegroom to come quickly. Grieve everyday I have not yet caught them away with ME. The wise keep oil in their lamps and filled with fresh new anointing daily. Know this, MY BLESSED HOPE is real, I am the BLESSED HOPE! Refuse to allow the Ark doors to be shut without you being in MY arms. I am the ARK door. I tell you the Book of the Gentiles is closing as Dimitru Dudeman prophesied to America. He watches now from Heaven and knows he did his best to warn America. But Oh how few listened. He warned you of the coming wrath on America. For America did I not prophecy from this handmaiden speaking now, that America REPENT before it's too late for I have saved MY worst for last. But I say to MY children that live in America. Don't GIVE UP YOUR BLESSED HOPE!

Satan comes to steal your belief that I will protect those that are MINE and provide a way of escape for MY Bride! Just believe that the Heathens' woes are not MY childrens' woes! Just believe I am a God that rewards those that diligently seek after ME! MY rewards are with ME! Just as in the Days of Noah you shall be watching the destruction from above MY wrath. It was too late when the Ark door closed and no matter how the heathen beat upon the Ark door they couldn't get in. When I take MY Bride home, all left will be forced to go through the time of the Tribulation. Depending on the faith of those that call upon ME to save them will determine whether they die or are able to escape the Mark of the Beast. Only hearing MY voice and obeying ME will determine this.

Those who believe, I will protect you from above the flood of MY wrath and believe that I am not a wife beater. I am insulted to think how anyone can think, when I say I am coming for MY Bride and be ready and waiting for ME. When I say in MY Word pray that ye may escape that hour of temptation to come upon this world, when I say MY Bride you are NOT appointed to MY wrath and yet still many of you insist on testing ME. So what you speak I shall allow to come to pass. Do you believe I will provide a way of escape? For those that do and are living holy as if I will come at any moment, I will not surprise them; they are waiting for ME NOW.

[Revised January 8, 2009. PRAISE YAHUSHUA! This addition in red was found in the archives and for some unexplainable reason was omitted from this Prophecy until now.]

This Handmaiden I am speaking forth grieves each day I do not come! This is how you will know whether you're MY Bride! Are you also grieving each day I do not come or are you living like I won't be returning for years?

Are you claiming you're a ‘manifested Son of God’ that will be the one that brings Peace to this earth? For if you are then you’re wrong! Only I, YAHUSHUA, can bring peace to this World! But not until hell breaks forth on this world! When it looks like no one will survive I will come again with MY Saints behind ME! And you will see how easily I defeat the enemy of YAHUSHUA! I made an open show before! So I shall do it again!

Beware, for now I tell you a secret through MY Handmaiden, I am coming to elope with MY Bride in the midnight hours when those not watching for ME least expect ME! I shall come and prove I am not a wife beater! I love MY Bride and long for Her to be dressed in Her Immortal body, pure and spotless, dressed in radiant white!

For those not watching for ME, and believing you must suffer the Tribulation, I shall come upon you as a thief in the night! Unexpected but I will not come for you for you were not waiting! You will have to watch MY Bride get her reward of Immortal Glorified body! Behold MY rewards are with ME!

You who love ME and refuse to believe (in) this, your Glorified Body will have to wait, and you will have to suffer the Tribulation for your mouth speaks what you believe.

Those expecting their GROOM shall be caught away with ME above all the horror that is to come to this earth!

For those of you who read this and do not believe this, take a lesson from the earth for even the earth trembles and quakes as I your YAHUSHUA MESSIAH approaches earth once again! I am coming to elope with MY Bride! How many of you will be ready?

You know the time draws near! Yet you will not know the day or hour! So live like it’s today so I won't find you living like this sinful world!

Again I say, ‘The Door to the Ark and Book of the Gentiles is closing Quickly!’ I am the Ark Door! Come into MY loving arms! For those who do not know ME, I am waiting for you, are you waiting for ME? Look up, your redemption draweth nigh for those watching and waiting for YAHSHUA MESSIAH! Warn others and keep your robe spotless and white, washed in MY shed Blood at Calvary! I yearn to be with MY Bride the way she yearns to be with ME! As you see all these things to come pass, know that I am on MY way!”


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