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INTRODUCTION: My name is G. Ahmed Rana (LL.M) 39 year old. I am a lawyer from Pakistan. I belong to an extremist Muslim clan of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I completed study course of Holy Bible when I was 15 year old. Due to my pro-Christian faith I have been suffered 25 year long persecution in a Muslim country Pakistan. Subsequently, in the year of 2005, I along with my wife and children were baptized in Christ. In February, 2007 some Muslim extremist gave me one weak ultimatum through threatening notice to convert again in Islam or die. Eventually I have to escape from Pakistan with my wife and children. Now we are living in Thailand as refugees.

POWER OF THE GOSPELS: In 1982 when I was 15 years old, miraculously, I completed a study course of Holy Bible from Pakistan Bible Corresponds School Karachi Pakistan. In this way, virtually, I accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my savior in my teenager. When I disclosed about the changes, I found within me, some people informed me that if any Muslim accept other religion then Islam, is liable to be killed under Islamic Law. I could not understand its meaning in true sense just knew that I should not disclose to people about the changes as I observed or conversion. In this way I was brought up with my Christian faith among a Muslim family. I had to hide the wonderful changes occurred due to Gospel in my life. For Muslim in Pakistan could not tolerate conversion to any other religion.

In October, 2000, my parents arranged my marriage with a Muslim girl. Just after marriage when my wife knew about my hidden Christian faith she got frustrated. But I prayed to the Lord our God and tried to convince her from the comparative study of Quran and Holy Bible.

GLORY OF GOD: My wife not conceived so she consulted with doctor. After complete check-up the doctor informed my wife that due to some medical problem you are unable for pregnancy. It shocked us both. We both prayed to Lord. In the year of 2001 one of my friends informed me that a renowned Canadian Pastor Rev. Peter Youngeren is on visit to Pakistan. He announced that I will pray specifically for newly married couples. So he invited all the newly married couple at the biggest prayer session at Karachi Pakistan. So I also took my wife in that praying session. He prayed among a great multitude about more than a hundred thousands people

After ten days when my wife consulted with her doctor. We surprised to know that she was conceived. My wife convinced by the Glory of Lord miraculously.

KIDNAPPING BY TALIBAN: In the year of 2001, I started my career as a professional lawyer in Pakistan. Meanwhile, USA and its allied forces began War against Terrorism. They attacked on Afghanistan neighboring country of Pakistan.

In retaliation, Pro-Taliban Pakistani Muslim started protesting against USA and West. They became furious against all the Christian community living in Pakistan. Muslim was assaulting Christians, they were attacking Christian’s Houses, and they were burning Churches throughout Pakistan. In these prevailing protests, Muslim abducted Denial Pearl the renowned US. Generalist, subsequently, they executed him.

Taliban were kidnapping people for ransom to generate their fund. Some Taliban knew about my Pro-Christian thoughts. So they also kidnapped me and took me to tribal area of Pakistan. They asked me you being a Muslim preach for Christianity so now you have to pay us a ransom amount of Pak. Rupees Two Millions, otherwise we kill you. They demanded a ransom amount from my family. They confined me in their private jail. About 30 hostages were already confined in their captivity. They would bring 2 or3 hostages daily and released who pay them. They executed many people in front of me who could not pay them or whose families lodged complaint against Taliban. Government of Pakistan was also fully supporting Taliban but internally.

JESUS AS MY SAVIOR: Being a hostage in Taliban captivity, I lost hope of my life and started prays. However nothing was changed. First I thought that I have rejected Islam, may be, this is a divine punishment from heaven so I started pray to Allah and Muhammad. I was going to the verge of death day by day. One day Taliban came at my cell they informed me that your family has lodged criminal complaint against. They said tomorrow morning time we will kill you.

I have lost hopes of my life. Once again, I perceived that there is no one in this world savior except the Lord Jesus Christ as I had read it in my teen age. So I started praying to the Lord Jesus Christ. I felled asleep at any hour while praying. I saw in my vision that Lord Jesus Christ was putting his hand upon my head. Suddenly, I opened my eyes and found myself more optimistic for life. Next morning some Taliban came at my cell. They miraculously released me. It was my new life it was new beginning and I cam back to my home safely.

I tolled everything to my wife about how did Lord Jesus gave me this new life. She informed me that when you were in captivity of Taliban, I also prayed for you a lot. Eventually, I prayed to Lord Jesus and I found you back alive. Hence, she also accepted Lord Jesus Christ as her Lord savor. I was astonished to see my Muslim wife in Christ Jesus. So we both committed that we will bring our children in Christ. In this way we rejected Islam completely in the year of 2001.

WHY DID I REJECT ISLAM?: Today whole Muslim world are trying to convince that Islam is the religion of peace. For Ice cannot be made hot if someone tries to make it hot it will be changed to water. In the same way all Muslim are terrorists internally. If anyone seems peaceful it simply means that he has no power. Whenever, he acquire power he will make the world hell. Why is it? Because according to Islamic history, Muhammad the prophet of Islam had fought 86 wars in his life so he was a warrior. Whatever Quran says regarding Christians is very important to know. I would like to quote the following Quranic verses English translated by Picthal.

O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is (one) of them. Lo! Allah guideth not wrongdoing folk. (Picthal English Translation Quran Chapter 5, Verse 51)

That is why Muslims are considering Christian as their enemy since last 15 centuries. And if Christians are enemy of Muslim then what further Quran says it is also very important to be noted.

And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. And fight not with them at the Inviolable Place of Worship until they first attack you there, but ithey attack you (there) then slay them. Such is the reward of disbelievers. (Chapter 2, Verse 191)

Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish (Chapter 9, Verse 5)

Since the day Islamic history starts Muslim have been fighting with each other or with non Muslims. Evolution changed the whole world but Muslims are still rigid. After the death of Muhammad his wife Ayesh fought a bloody war with Ali. Islamic history calls that war Jamel-War. Since then, there are two sect Shias and Sonnies. Both have even little bit different theology but they both are one on the matter of war against non Muslims. The recent tragic incidents in various part of Christian countries shows that Muslim every where create turmoil and when some on try to deter them they use to call it war against whole Islam. Different version of Bible according to time and regions shows reforms in Christianity. That is a why we can say it live scripture, live Gospels. If there are changes there is life. But if there is no change that is dead so Quran is dead and the people who follow dead scripture are being cause of death many innocents around the world.

One side Muslims are being united day by day. Unfortunately, we Christians are living under cover of secularism and did not paying heeds toward our own unity in Christ, which is essential for the survival of our generations.

BAPTISM: Subsequently, I begin struggle for baptism; however, no priest was ready to baptize us, as conversion is not allowed in out country Pakistan. For if some one converts Muslim extremist, use to kill him under Islamic law. In 2002, my first baby boy Raphael Rana was born, in 2003, Rohail Rana and then in 2004 Ephraim Rana. My family was completed by the grace of Lord. In 2005 I was baptized and then my three sons and my wife were also baptized. We all were living being converted Christian in Karachi Pakistan secretly. We use to go Church but secretly.

CHRISTIANS IN PAKISTAN: Being an Advocate of High Court I was running my own law firm R. G. Law Associates in Karachi Pakistan. I use to provide free legal aid to deserving people. For Christians are very poor people in my country as they don’t have equal rights as Muslim prejudice Christians at all walks of life. That is why many poor Christians were use to come at my office for free legal aid.

Pakistani law gives a license of rape to the Muslim criminals. If any criminal Muslim rape with any Christian female and then take plea that she has accepted Islam and married with him. Such person is not culpable under Pakistani criminal law. If victim female claim that she is a Christian, then under Islamic law she is liable to be executed as a Muslim do not allow to convert any other religion. If she claims that marriage is a fake such plea cannot be taken in any court of law under Muslim family law. Therefore, gang rape with Christian female by Muslim culprits is a very common crime in Pakistan. Criminal first kidnap any Christian female and then they use to rape with her. In case of any criminal proceeding, such criminals use to take plea of about her volunteer conversion to Islam and claim her as wife under Islamic law.

In 2006 one poor Christina family came at my office her case was so terrible that no lawyer dared to take up the matter. As some Muslim kidnapped a Christian girl they committed gang rape with her for three month. The poor parents lodged a criminal complain against the culprits. Police recovered the victim girl and arrested the accused persons. One accused person claimed that victim girl is his wife and she is converted Muslim. So police released all accused person, after getting released, accused started to extend threats of life to victim girl and her family.

I took up the matter as the victim girl was not converted Muslim but she was Christian and victim of gang-rap by extremist Muslim. I pursued the matter in court of law, hence, police arrested all the accused again and sent them to jail in rape case. However, many Muslim lawyers raised objection to me if a Christian girl has converted from Christianity to Islam, why did you send her back to her Christian parent? And why did you made here Christian again? Accused person tried to turn that criminal matter toward a religious matter. Some extremist Muslim were supporting to accused person. As they think if she lives being a Muslim wife with accused person is batter then to live with any Christian man. They were seeking promotion of Islam through crime. Subsequently, Judge also gave extra favor to Muslim accused and released them all on bail. After getting release once again accused person started to extend threats to victim Christian female and her family. Eventually, just to save their life, innocent victim Christian family left their home city Karachi and shifted to some other part of Pakistan. Accused person ultimately attacked my office they assaulted me, and asked me why did you provide them free legal aid?

PERSEQUTION DUE TO CHRISTIAN FAITH: As my wife belong to a fundamentalist family. Anyhow one elder brother of my wife knew about the attack on my office by some extremist Muslim. So he asked me why you gave favor to Christians. Why do you provide free legal aid to Christians? He suspected about our faith. He went away to his home and called my wife and children. When my wife and children went to her parent’s home the brother of my wife illegally detained my wife and children. They asked my wife about conversion forcibly. They maltreated my wife and persecuted her and when they knew about our conversion they became furies and demanded divorce. They kept my wife and children for three month as hostages in their illegally confinement. I invoked the office of Prim Minister of Pakistan for the recovery of my three sons and wife from illegal confinement. With the interference of Prime Minister Office they released my wife and children.
Persecution by Government of Pakistan: After conducting enquiry the officials of Prime Minister House called me again and informed me that your brother-in-law has recorded their statement against you that you rejected Islam and converted to Christianity. They further threatened me, that you yourself are accused of blasphemy law as you rejected Islam. So they called me along wife and children for recording statement. I informed them, even though, I have lodged complain against the brothers of my wife but now they released my wife and children so I don’t want to pursue any legal action against them. However, the officials of Prim Minister House were themselves prejudiced against our conversion and took the matter as personal being Muslim. For any Muslim wherever he live or works on whatever post Muslim is first Muslim and then anything else.

THREATENING LETTER CONVERSION BACK OR DIE: In the month of February 2007, I received two threatening notices from an Islamic seminary namely Jamia Binoria, they call me at the biggest mosque of city. However, I did not go there. Ultimately they attacked at my house. They wanted to kill us all. I requested them for our life so the Muslim extremist clerics gave us last chance and called us at mosque Jamia Binoria Karachi on 18th February, 2007. They tolled us that we are going to invite some press reporters and you shall have to accept Islam again before them. Otherwise we will kill you and your wife and kidnap you kids to make them Muslim again.

ESCAPE FROM PAKISTAN: I had no any other option except to escape from Pakistan as all the Muslim people and Government of Pakistan were supporting to extremist Muslim. I arranged our escape well. On 17th, February, 2007; I along with my 3 sons and wife escaped from Pakistan and arrived in Thailand. We sought asylum in any Christian country through UNHCR. We left every thing behind in Pakistan and are living now as refugee in Bangkok, Thailand.

THE ROLE OF CHRISTIAN COUNTRIES: Unfortunately, today all Christian countries are secular. Millions of Muslims are living in Christian countries. They are enjoying equal rights of citizenship. However, there is no single example that any converted Christian is living in any Muslim country openly. Why is this great difference? Are the Christian countries have confined themselves in the cover of secularism? Today Christian’s minorities living in Muslim countries have no equal rights as other citizen. Christian minority are living in Muslim countries as third grad people. The reasons on part of Muslim are clear as it is commanded to Muslim in their Quran as under;


But question is this why Christian countries have left Christian minorities in suffering in Muslim countries. Why they don’t play their due role to mitigate suffering of Christians living in Muslim countries. Now this is need of era that Christian countries must adopt their foreign policies on the basis of law of consistency.

Brother in Christ,
G. Rana Email:


Anonymous said...

Hentikan segala kebohongan-kebohongan ini,ayah saya memiliki teman kebetulan dia salah satu ex muslim,ketika ditanya oleh ayahku apa alasan dia yg sebenarnya utk masuk agama kristen?

Karena teman,maka dengan lugas teman ayahku yg ex muslim itu menjawab kira-kira "bosen saya pak,hidup miskin terus,kalo di sini usaha sy byk dibantu"?

Lho?...jadi itu alasan dia yg sebenarnya?...dan ada lagi pernyataan teman jauhku yg mengatakan dia termasuk anggota rahasia pemuda gereja yg disuruh mengkoordinasi org dijalanan mulai WTS,gelandangan yg gk beragama kemudian di make-up serta dibuat naskahnya lalu di shoot kemudian di edit yg hasilnya suka dipertontonkan ke media massa sebagai bukti bahwa mereka ini muslim yg taat yg pindah agama ke agama kristen?

Aduh bikin malu saja mendengar pernyataan tersebut,tapi teman jauh saya mengatakan kalau tugas dia itu saja tidak semua orang kristen tau,karena mmg tugas rahasia demi persekutuan gereja dalam menyebarkan ajaran Jesus.

Ajaran Jesus mmg baik tapi apa harus menggunakan cara-cara licik nan picik utk memanipulasi org banyak?...di pasal mana Jesus mengajarkan kita utk berbohong serta memanipulasi manusia demi ajarannya?

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